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I Think Teir 3 Sex Offenders Should Be Killed

Tier 3 Sex Offenders Are The Worst Of The Worst I have never met anyone that in some way shape or form has been effected by molestation. Now tier 3 offenders are guanteed to offend again. The "average" child molester takes 80 victims. Why... [more]
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  • I Act Like A Pornstar

    I Love My Husband!!!!! We are a hot couple in our mid to late 30's. My hubby is in the Army and currently deployed in Assghanistan. We have high sex drives. To help my hubby durring his deployment I use my webcam to ta… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I want to choke the life out of my 13 yearold son
    My 13 yearold son has been getting himself into legal trouble. I had to go take him to a diversion program for the first of 3 crimes committed in March. When I am there waiting and trying to keep him out of really bad trouble and he starts being an *** to me. I think the law should alow parents to reach out and touch their teenages when they are being disrespectful. What happened to "taking em out to the old wood shed"?… [more]