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I My Story

Please Read My Stories :) Hi, everyone! I'm writing stories on a site called (TDeanB being my page) I'd appreciate it greatly is anyone... [more]
  • I Love To Read Books About Ancient Magic

    Best Magical Series Well, there are many books about magic out there. And I have read a lot of them. But, I must say, that there was one series out there that sparked my interest like nothing before. That book series is … [more]
  • I Play Yugioh

    So Close! It was the end of the duel... I had one card in my hand. I had the follow on the field: I had Dark Magician combined with book of the secret arts. I also had mirror force on the fieldĀ and book of moo… [more]
  • I Love to Play Soccer

    My First Fight Of The Year... The school year was almost over. I had been trying my hardest not to fight. Telling people I wasn't afraid. Which I really wasn't, There's a differance between being able to get beat up and being afra… [more]
  • I Play Yugioh

    What Should I Have Done? It was almost midnight. My step-brother and dad were argueing. My step-brother started cussing and saying the F-word over and voer to my dad.My dad finally got tired of it and slammed him to the… [more]