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Some people call me an airhead, a freak, insane, worthless, or stupid. i dont think i am those things. i am a dremer, a beliver, a surver, a lover, and a healer. thats what i am, and dont let anyone tell you different.

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  • a little Italian (Abruzzi)
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I Am Lonely

Every Time You Smile, Its Like A Knife Through My Heart. Everytime You smile its like a knife through my heart because i cant be there. i want to be in Your arms tonight, safe and unafraid. i know we had a good run and we only split up because we were both... [more]
  • I Have Psychic Abilities

    Somethings Comeing i am extreamly sensitive to the energy around me, i can even see it flowing. lately everything has just felt wrong. something different and just plain wrong feeling is comeing. it feels like a creatur… [more]
  • I Fight For The Astral Resistance Against Powerful Evil

    Im In:) Hello, im scilentdreamer and i have been a target since i was 9 years old. i am elemental in all elements but most powerfuly water. i can shape energy into any form and can see energy flow. I have ano… [more]
  • I Have Psychic Abilities

    Something In My Head Ever since i was little i could control the elements (water,earth, fire,air) with my mind. its not like in the movies where the character raises her arms and lightning strikes from the sky. its more l… [more]
  • I Am An Adrenaline Junkie

    This Is Who I Am i dont know why but doing dangerous things is addicting. scaleing cliffs above hightide, climbing mountains without a harness, doing sexual things where people might see (ya i know thats weird), swimm… [more]