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I Have a Confession

Sometimes I get so angry I look like I'm having a sezure I'm shaking so bad. What do to get rid of the anger is cutting. Its not something I'm proud of. I hav horrible scares on my wriss and thighs... [more]
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  • I Think Lyrics Can Say It Better Than Words

    Welcome To My Life Do u ever feel like breakin down? Do u ever feel out of place? Like somehow u just don't belong and no one understands u? Do u ever wanna run away? Do u lock ur self in u… [more]
  • I Like To Write Poetry

    My Story Poetry is the only one who listens. Its the only thing I have to express myself other than my music and art. Its not just something people do, its what people feel. Those love poem you rea… [more]
  • I Love to Write From My Heart

    Me I only write when I'm happy mad sad angry ect. I don't try to force it. When I do I cant think of anything to write about. … [more]
  • I Like To Write Poetry

    It Makes Me Feel Good People ask what my scars on my thighs and wrists are from. I'm not afraid to tell them I cut myself. They ask why and when I don't answer they call me a freak. Well here's to them: … [more]