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I Love Thailand

I'm an American living in Thailand. I have been here for several years now and while not every day is a wonderful day, I can honestly say I love living here. Now, I realize there are people... [more]
  • I Know My Astrological Moon Sign and Rising Sign

    Scorpio Sun/gemini Moon/sagittarius Rising Sometimes I think I was born to be philosopher or do something that requires prominent use of my intellect. Here is what my trifecta means to me. As a Scorpio sun, I give and expect comp… [more]
  • I Am An Aquarius

    Tribute To An Aquaria From A Scorpio First off, I'm not sure if "Aquaria" would be correct, but I know -ius is a Latin masculine ending. I would like to share something special to me with this forum. I have read that Aquarius and Scorp… [more]
  • I Write Rap Songs

    Success Jealous fools tryin to clown always a b*tch wanna hold me down ya'll can continue bein' tools I'ma pass by all you fools Think I forgot where I'm fr… [more]
  • I Write Rap Songs

    random as heck freestyle strugglin every day to pay the game we play never lookin lame when i put yo azz to shame hustlin, flowing, creepin on the street… [more]