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I Believe Age Doesnt Define Maturity

Maturity Is To Have Sincere Respect For Other People I think maturity is to have respect for others, not to abuse the situation even when they can because they know someone else should pay for it. [more]
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  • I Experienced Racism

    Subtle But Persisting Racial Preference   My experience, as I read other people's posting, isn't very overt racism compared to some other's. But I always feel that I have to deal with it and its hard to knock it off.… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I am an asian-born asian, but would like to look like an asian american.
    Hello,I came to US for graduate school, and I would like to be successful in this land of opportunity, yes, US.One thing is, there is certain "magic" that I can tell if an asia man / woman is asian born or american born, from just by looking at them beside the proficiency in english. And looking at myself, I can definitely say that I look like the asian born man, and I would like to look more natural in US setting, 'cause even though it is true that I am a foreigner, I don't have to make it clear for everyone!So I started having my hair short (many asian born guys keep their hair long, like in a kind of bowl shape) and I avoid wearing print t-shirt with nonsensical english words on it, start… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    Isn't it rude to bring stranger to private meeting?
    I made a dinner appointment with one of my friends and later one I learned that he would bring couple of friends of him which I do not know.I was upset and his reaction was, he asked me then how I am going to meet new people for the rest of my life.I think his point is absurd and feel like it's a attack on my personal matter and he does not think it is a problem to bring new people.We are both Asian (from asian country) studying in US school and I feel his such behavior is kind of Asian, but there are things hard to accept/understand for me because I am a person with individual character even though I was born / raised in Asia.I wonder how people in US think about it. Do you think I am over-… [more]
  • School Confessions

    I hate midwest
    Can't wait to escape this stupid midwestern town. This place has way too strong home culture (heavy beer drinking, worship for sports, stupid party party party...) that people from outside can not fit into.Even on the campus, there is no such as academic atmosphere or whatsoever.Hate this town.… [more]