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I Have a Confession

because experienceproject is where i tell my secrets and pour my heart  out [more]
  • I Love Poems

    Kony 2012 STOP KONY!!!!2012… [more]
  • I Remember My First Kiss

    Wordless Memory My first kiss was a wonderful moment i had gone out with my crush he had invited me to the park,as a date. We walked around the park for the longest time going around and around the park track not car… [more]
  • I Have A Secret To Share

    My Last Tear im 17 and it  might be my age that makes me feel this way. but right now im on the urge to suicide. I though being pretty was enough but its rather be the ugliest girl in the world and be th… [more]
  • I Can Write Words Better Than I Can Speak Them

    Writing Made Me Happier like many on this page i guess i express my self better.. also it helps me see the situation better. for example when i get any fight with parent sister or boyfriend i don't tell them anything because… [more]