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I Will Always Hate Myself For What I Did

My Lie Me and my best friend came back in contact with each other after 5 years..after i met her i was always lying to her as i did many mistakes in the 5 years that she wasnt with me..i started lying... [more]
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    My Mom is the most caring person on the face of this earth. But she has a slight problem. A shizerophenic. Ours was a very happy family, but now it has reduced to a mere fight club.. Every evening my dad comes home and a fight starts erupting in mom loves my dad very much but the problem is she dosent believe him..she believes hes a scoundrel who is an illegal businessman who is a rapist , killer and a thief..he is a very kind and caring person who has no bad habits at all..he is a banker who works very hard for us but is never happy because his wife is unhappy with and my sister always try to calm her down and always try to make my dad happy..she never believes him even t… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    I lied. A great many times to many many people. I lied so much that in fact i myself started imagining the lie as a truth. I hate myself for that. I lied to a girl who loves me. I told her that i fell in love with her when i was in my first grade. i kept texting her about my love so much thet she believed the whole thig that i said and she is now in love with me. I feel i'm always cheating her. I wanted her to love me so badly that i just took some pictures from some websites and told her that the people in the photos in the pictures are my cousins who love me a lot. I also downloaded some paintings from some more websites and showed that work as my own. I even took some love poems which i … [more]