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I Believe There Is No Excuse For Certain Things

I Asked You To Stop, There Is No Excuse for you to blame it on the alcohol. Alright, so a new friend of mine came out to me after sending me overly flirtatious texts for a bit. I made it clear to her that I am not into girls and very much... [more]
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  • I Wonder If We Are Real Friends

    I Am Always Making The First Move Have you ever had those friends where unless you say something you won't talk or hangout or do anything? I feel like I'm in that situation now. (Here is a little background info) I just finished my … [more]
  • I Am In a Sorority

    I Love My Sorority, But unfortunately, this year hasn't been the greatest. I had gotten my big last fall semester and I am totally in love with her. She was the best person for me and we bonded so quickly at the start of m… [more]
  • I Spend Too Much Time In My Own Head

    It Just Happens I don't mean for it, but when I'm alone I just continually think of things that I wish I had the courage to say to other people but I fear their response. I am not one to normally confront someone be… [more]
  • I Have Had Some Really Bad First Dates

    Another First Date... So this past sunday was the second 1st date I've been on in two weeks. I have finally allowed my friends to set me up, but it seems more like they are punishing me a bit. I really try not to judge a… [more]
  • School Confessions

    I've never had good roommates before, every situation I've been in ended up poorly.  After a semester here at my new school I thought things were going great.  The new semester started last weekend and honestly, I feel more alone now that I ever have at college.  I have no idea why I am feeling like this, it's like I have my sisters from the sorority, but for some reason I can't help but feel alone.  It's a horrible feeling and I have no idea how to change it.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Did I go too far?
    So I am apart of a group pledging a sorority and have wondered if I crossed the line.  We are making window letters for the sisters and I've basically done all of the work.  So one of the other pledges offered to paint something on them that I can easily do.  I just asked to borrow her marker.  She said she would do it friday (they are due that afternoon).  Well, I responded saying that although that's nice, I really wanted to do it, because I had put so much effort into it.  I want to be the one to present this to all the sisters because it's sort of important and I am the president.  This other girl presented the gift and organized the social, so I don't think I'm overstepping.I confess, I… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    Might be Rude
    But ever since I transferred colleges, I have made the best friends I could have ever imagined.  I knew the quality of friends at my first college wasn't that high and my parents were expecting my friends quality would become better.  Well they were right and I've made it known to my new friends that they are all better than what I could have ever asked for! Sorry I'm not sorry!… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I thought this time would be different, but some things don't change...
    I always have bad luck.  Today was supposed to start big/little week with the sorority I am currently pledging.  We were told to wait until 5pm to check our mailboxes for our first gift.  We get a text at the time we are allowed to go saying to wait another 15 minutes because something was wrong with the mailboxes.  As soon as we got the clearing text I headed down to the mailroom.  I look inside my mailbox before opening it and of course there is nothing inside.  The other pledges have taken pictures of what they got and people are liking and commenting on it, but of course nothing for me.  I knew I had bad luck with a lot of things, but I just wanted this experience to be different...I con… [more]