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I Believe There Is No Excuse For Certain Things

I Asked You To Stop, There Is No Excuse for you to blame it on the alcohol. Alright, so a new friend of mine came out to me after sending me overly flirtatious texts for a bit. I made it clear to her that I am not into girls and very much... [more]
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  • I Wonder If We Are Real Friends

    I Am Always Making The First Move Have you ever had those friends where unless you say something you won't talk or hangout or do anything? I feel like I'm in that situation now. (Here is a little background info) I just finished my … [more]
  • I Am In a Sorority

    I Love My Sorority, But unfortunately, this year hasn't been the greatest. I had gotten my big last fall semester and I am totally in love with her. She was the best person for me and we bonded so quickly at the start of m… [more]
  • I Spend Too Much Time In My Own Head

    It Just Happens I don't mean for it, but when I'm alone I just continually think of things that I wish I had the courage to say to other people but I fear their response. I am not one to normally confront someone be… [more]
  • I Have Had Some Really Bad First Dates

    Another First Date... So this past sunday was the second 1st date I've been on in two weeks. I have finally allowed my friends to set me up, but it seems more like they are punishing me a bit. I really try not to judge a… [more]