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Don't Call 'friend' When Action Is Not! Dear Mr. & Mrs. Coward,It's been so disappointing again for such an arrogant couple like you two who act as if you are truly in love and would like to extend your true love to those people... [more]
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    Please forgive me for my evil & idiot behaviours
    Dear all,I am sorry for whatever I have done wrong to you....with or without intention, known or unknown. I do not mean to hurt you or anyone. It could be because of my reckless, foolish, jealousy, or whatever that I might not be aware of...either I might not be aware of it OR I might not be aware of the fact that such action of mine will be judged and be perceived by you or others as an insult, bad-mouth, or whatever that hurts you. Please do accept my sincere apology and forgive me. _/_But if you really cannot forgive me and would really like to get a revenge. Fine. Get back straightly to me and only to me, no one else. I have no fear of you (actually sorry to say that the more you do, the… [more]
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    Be careful of knowing the raise your kids well, not meaning all the kids are well.
    While we were kids, we usually were taught by our parents, teachers or those adults to be good, to do good and to select good friends. This has leaded my life into catastrophe when I so unfortunately met with someone.I applied for a job as secretary for a company - let's name it 'G'. During the 2-year working, my job was almost nothing - meaning I got paid for not doing anything much. To some people, this might be a bonus. But not me.Before working there, my career path had been so prosperous and happy with friends (both school friends and workplace. Some may not like me, but not all, not a gang, OK?). Like most of freshly graduated girl, fulls of inspiration and confident to contribute what… [more]