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I Abhor The Detestable Things Done Against God

For Starters........ I hate that people and religious folks and their organizations claim that God is part of a three headed entity called a trinity. Their claims are not backed up by God's Word. The principle, word, or... [more]
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  • I Like People Who Are Open Minded

    There Pros And Cons To Being Open-minded--------- An open mind is a good thing-----most of the time. New ideas, new experiences, increased knowledge, personal, 'secular, and spiritual' growth, better relationships and an overall positive approach to … [more]
  • I Know Black Tea And Probiotic Yogurt Is Good For You

    Two Excellent Remedies For Bad Breath, Body Odor, Perioral Dermatitis And Digestive Concerns There are four areas that black tea and Dannon's Activia probiotic yogurt will just about totally eliminate or put into remission if consumed on a regular basis: (A) Perioral Dermatitis or PD (A… [more]
  • I Would Like to Know Your Favorite Bible Verse

    Revelation 21: 4,5 I love this verse because it reveals what the future of mankind will be like. These two verses at Revelation 21:4,5 show that God will finally fulfill His original purpose for mankind the way it shoul… [more]
  • I Know Evolution Dishonors A Loving Creator, God

    Creation Reveals A Loving God -------One widespread false teaching that blinds people to the truth about God is the doctrine of evolution. This human reasoning contradicts the Bible and robs people of hope. In its basic form, the … [more]