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I 've Been In Love And Betrayed

Was Crushed Then, But For The Best. 'Twas 4 years ago, when I walked in on my fiance and my so-called best friend, Nicole Hore (Appropriate but misspelled name, that) doing the deed. We had told her that night that we were unofficially... [more]
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  • I Have a Broken Heart

    To Mr Man.. You've broken my heart.. You want to close the door on us and on me. You just want to move on. I don’t blame you for that. But you've broken my heart. I’m struggling so much because I have to accept this but I don’t wan… [more]
  • I Am In Love With Someone Who May Not Love Me Back

    Relationships Are Just Complicated.. Recently, I've been feeling mega blue. I'm not sure whether its a seasonal depression thing or whether I'm just not coping very well with life in general. The biggest problem is that I'm … [more]
  • I Will Vent Here

    Sometimes I Just Want To Be A Hermit!! Ok, so this happens to be the first story I'm posting on EP and I'm in a fairly foul mood. I'm currently mega PO with well, nearly the whole damn world. First I want to vent about the issues with doin… [more]
  • I Am Afraid Of Never Being Truly Loved

    To Mr Man.. You are the sun in my rain The center of my pain You make me happy like in adverts And desolate as the deserts Being with you is like Riding on a rollercoaster… [more]