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I Love Being Me

Facts About M-e. Ok, well here are some random goofy facts about me! (: 1. I love playing with little kids! They are just sooooooo cute! 2. I love my playing all the instruments I can play. -flute,picolo... [more]
  • I Love Being Me

    I <3 Being Me OK Hi. I'm Serena. A girl, with an age. I'm on a hunt for friends of all ages and sizes. OH the reason for my title is I just bought a amazing shirt that says I love being me!! Ohh my bff told me abou… [more]
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    Blow up!
    One time, I was suppose to perfrom Fur Elise on the piano at my recital. Alot of people were comming. Everyone was excited to see me play Fur Elise because nowhone had seen me play it except my parents and my piano teacher. We were expetcing 100 people! I was soo nervous...Everything was going great, my adorbale pruple dress hadn't been runined. and my brothers were sitting down in the audition. It was finally my turn. Everyone started clapping and I walked up to the stage breathing hard. I sat down and started playing. I was halfway threw the song when oh its almost to embarsing to write. I accidently played a wrong note because I was so nervous, but nowhone really noticed.. except my dad. … [more]