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Nourishment of the soul is in concepts and meanings, And not in food and drink.

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Favorite Quote Outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth
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I Am a Complicated Person

Making me jealous will only push me away from you. It won't make me want you more. If I see someone who is making you a lot happier than I am, I'll back up because I'll assume you want that person a... [more]
serenitee068 has shared 18 Mature Experiences
  • I Had My First Lesbian Experience

    Alice ;) I felt it..her lips, neck, skin, every curves in her body and her breathing that tastes so sweet. We were just hanging out talking stuffs until she came closer and started to kiss me and can't get mys… [more]
  • I Believe In Allah

    A Beautiful Dream This is a story that was once told to me and I thought of sharing this here. "Once a man saw in his dream, that a lion was chasing him. The man ran to a tree, climbed on to it and sat on… [more]
  • I Love Accents

    Money Cant Buy Happiness This is not a story, just something I ponder today and I want to share it to you . … [more]
  • I Am a Girl That Likes Girls

    My Friends See Through Me A lot of my friends in college tried to bring out the thing that I strongly repressed since I was 12 - im into girls. In school, i'm in a group of friends who are conservative and well beh… [more]