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I Have Multiple Personality Disorder

My Story I don't exactly want to go into the details of what I went through. But when I was 4 I was molested by my grandfather and accidentally witnessed my father having murdered him.  When I was 8 I... [more]
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  • I Love To Wear Latex Rubber

    Latex Fetish? I love wearing latex. It looks sexy on me. BUT I hate catsuits. They seem a little ridiculous on me. I'm not really sure if latex should even be called a fetish personally. It's like lingerie - loads … [more]
  • I Am a Gay Man

    Be Gay And Proud I have been told I look like a lesbian. I am extremely vain. I love make-up - well I don't go extreme, but I always wear mascara and eyeliner because it brings out the blue in my eyes. … [more]
  • I Love Homemade Porn

    Always Making It When my partner is away on training or deployment, he always goes to his phone or his computer and watches videos of us having sex. It's not even to really get him turned on or have something to jerk … [more]
  • I Am Russian

    I So Russki My father is Russian and my mother is Japanese, but inside I feel 100% Russian. I was born in Moscow in 1993 and between my birth to 2002 I have lived in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. I can on… [more]