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My name is John Wade and I am going to be leaving for college soon to try and get a major in creative writing and a minor in graphic novels. My books tend to have romance in them or be a bit morbid. Nice combination, don't you think? My girlfriend, Taylor Rose, is absolutely everything to me. Someday I hope to become her husband and the proud father of a child/children.

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Favorite Quote Don't expect respect, earn it.
  • a little French
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Vices anger, doubt, envy, impatience, recklessness, sloth, weakness, lust, and gluttony
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Books The House of Night series, Harry Potter, Death Note, Naruto, Malice, Poison
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Movies I like comedies and horrors the best
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I Had A Dream

I found myself in a place like prison. There were guards everywhere and those metal bars on the windows, but since I'm so special I managed to get out anyways. I found a stack of sleds next to the... [more]
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