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*5'4 (or somewhere around that height range).
*I don't know my weight any more. I've gained a lot of it back since I've been sick and I'm a stick no longer. ^_^

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  • Venting Confessions

    Grammatical Error
    I absolutely hate when I use bad grammar, especially when I am writing (or typing, if you will). I've always wanted to be a book author and I just want to hit myself over the head whenever I spot grammar mistakes AFTER I've finished with something I thought was pretty brilliant as a whole. I really get frustrated when I repeat words, too. I've pretty much convinced if I can't work on these problems, I'll never be good enough to even write a school essay.… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    Still Friends?
    I've been with my best friend for four years now. We met my first semester of college and we usually get along great. We have certain things in common that we get excited for and can bond over. She helps me out a lot (I am handicapped with a walking cane, have Auditory Process, depression, a midochondrial disorder, and possibly anxiety and OCD) and I do my best to return the favor despite my limitations... Or at least, I hope I do. I've got a lot of self-esteem issues and I've never had a boyfriend or anything, but I listen as well as I am able when she is venting her relationship dramas. I'm not always enthusiastic about it, but I really do try. She took my side when I was going through a l… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I am terrified of how I am going to die, getting hurt badly, etc.
    I recently got out of the hospital after being there for about a month for a rare disease that I have where my mitochondria is insufficient. I went through the last half of 2011 and three months of 2012 throwing up and having diarrhea constantly and being unable to eat. I was seriously close to dying a couple times or so I was told. I was on TPN and am on a feeding tube now and am on the road to recovery. I know I should be happy about this and I AM  to a certain extent, I won't lie...But a day after I came home, I began thinking of the rumors of the end of the world coming up Christmas of 2012 and I remembered seeing a commercial about it in the hospital and I panicked. Worry over that has … [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Plays with Scissors
    As the title suggests, this confession has to do withusing scissors as playthings. The whole story is that I let my four-year-old niece play them, but the kicker is that don't really feel that guilty about it (only enough to ask on here, of course). My niece is very bad behaviored. She's got way too much energy that she doesn't work off by exercising because she is spoiled, lazy, and doesn't listen to me when I tell her it is good for her, but when she's playing with the scissors, she's all quiet and fine. She just sits on my bedroom floor and cuts the notebook paper I have into ugly snowflakes and cleans up her mess when she is done. And, just to be clear, I do sit next to her and watch her… [more]