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A Beautiful, wonderfull man that realized his mistakes to late....

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I Read Conversations With God By Neale Donald Walsch

The Storm Before The Calm... Now we are to the point to where we can create a new story for humanity and get rid of the lies that we were tought.theglobalconversation:com [more]
  • I Am So Alone

    All Alone Now.... My X left me 6 1/2 years a go. It was OK, except it killed my self esteem. Then I meet Laurie. She was perfect except for a tweak, She needed 5 husbands! I Loved her but she didn't love me. Again… [more]
  • I Am Not Shallow

    "i Am Not Shallow" I like deep, I don't like shallow. The surface may look good, but when you look beneath the surface you see that there is nothing there! Give me someone deep any day. Something to explore and unde… [more]
  • I Am On the Toltec Path

    The Warrier's Path I am a seeker of knowledge and the Spirits Ultimate truth, for things greater than that of the “mind”. Stalking the universe for its mysteries, Power and beauty and always with Love, Compassion, R… [more]