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I Feel Spiritual

I believe it's been one year this month since I began studying whether aliens exist or not, ever since that time I've expanded my awareness on the world I call "home", for months I've studied aliens... [more]
  • I Saw "Titanic"

    My Trip To Titanic It all started when I finally developed my abilities. The first thing I did was teleport my self to my Long Distant ExGf all the way in the UK. It's been months since I've been watching over her, I've… [more]
  • I Love Molly

    I Miss Molly My girl friends name was Molly, Ill be completely honest, we met on a online game called Smallworlds, we dated for 3years and 5months. The relationship only got serious last year, I went from online t… [more]
  • I Am On a Spiritual Journey

    Which Is Strongest Are you stronger spiritually or physically, my lack of strength and size make up spiritually, I use my spiritual side to increase my strength and speed and ect and not knowing it. I would love to say… [more]
  • I Hate Guys Who Can't Keep Their Hands to Themself

    My girl friend friends keep touching her in front me, they know we go out but the do it in front me and have the nerve to look me in the eyes too, and they do it behind my back, this guy asked her out… [more]