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I Am Alone In This World

Lonely For Ever... Among thousands of flowers..i didn't feel soft smell.. Among thousands of songs.. I didn't enjoy any rhythm.. Among thousands of stars.. I didn't see the light.. Because... You were... [more]
  • I Fear Losing Him

    You Are Everything To Me... You are my SKY.. Who gives shine to me..rain to me... You're my everything.. Who gives life to my life...… [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    Only For You.. Past days.. Beautiful.. Colourful you gave me the hope to live.. But today.. Though we smile.. Our hearts are cryng.. Though we talk.. Our souls are sil… [more]
  • I Hate Waste

    I Am A Sri Lankan... The pearl of indian ocean... That is sri lanka.. Every scrap of land... Can contain trees.. Forests are like green umbrellas.. Waterfalls are like silve ribbonns...… [more]
  • I Fear Losing Him

    You The Most Valuable... No need of gold.. No need of gems.. No need of pearls.. You're more valuable than them.. Your sweet smile always in my mind.. Your mischievous things make me joy.. … [more]