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I Do Not Want Sharia Law In My Country

Sharia Law, Insanity Sharia.. A law created and maintained by the un-educated and the brainwashed has no place in a modern society. The customs followed under Sharia Law are completely primitive and go against all... [more]
  • I Believe In Equality

    Double Standards Much of the inequality I feel is down to the way I am perceived and viewed by others, and the expectations by society to live and act to a certain standard, which differs from that of a man. … [more]
  • I Think About Fathers and Daughters

    Father & Daughter Relationships Annoy Me! I have come across countless father daughter relationships that really frustrate and annoy the c**p out of me. I am talking about the overwelmingly common ideas from fathers that their 'precious lit… [more]
  • I Want You To Write A 15 Word Story

    Friday Night Fun I went out, started drinking. I don't remember anything else. Woke up on my couch.… [more]