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Artist I love to draw it is my passion. In a loving relationship soon to be married & will be a stepmom soon I can't wait.

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I Am a Stepmom to Be

Soon To Be A Stepmom My bestfriend and I are in love. We have been a great together we laugh, joke, tell each other things when things are on our minds, sometimes we can make a face & we know what the other is actually... [more]
  • I Nosey Behind Family Members

    Trying To Do My Thang I am a 20 year old woman soon to be 21 this year. I have always been the caring type, love to help others when I can & be all I can be. However I have aunt that drives me crazy. Ever since I got out o… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    Getting this fat off me uggh
    I know it ia something I have to do. With high blood pressure running through my family and diabetes I want to be all those. It has not been easy but I try to becareful on eating too much and just eating enough. My man supports me 100% he even work out with me. I think if more people had somebody to help them and they themselves have to be ready for change. I'm not 200lb but I'm close enough to where I'm ready for change. I love myself and I love who I am just ready as MJ would say "Make that Change".… [more]
  • Wake up & pay attention

    Posted on: August 31st, 2012 at 5:11PM

    "If you want to be somebody, if you wanna go some where you better wake up and pay attention." Lol I know many of you remember this line from Sister Act II its one of my favorite movies. The thing is people tend to forget about what is more important. So many people have gotten out of habit with having manners, being respectful, listen when somebody is trying to tell them something, pay attention to signs and warnings given to them and they forget about making each day count. Everyone goes through a down fall in life if you don't then your not LIVING some people just exist. If you just exist then your basically in the way of others. If you have a goal in life that is going to make you a bett… [more]