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Alright, so, SO much has changed in the long ass time I've been off of here. Maybe this time things will be different?

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I Have a Confession

So, for the last week or so, I've been thinking I wanna start cutting myself. Like, I'm not upset about anything, I just wanna cut. It has an appeal. I haven't been able to bring myself to do it &amp... [more]
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  • I Love Lady Gaga

    Defining Little Monster's It is no secret that Lady Gaga has an especially intense relationship with her fans, whom she refers to as her “little monsters.” She has said more than once, “I see myself in them.” Why is th… [more]
  • I 've Been In Love And Betrayed

    If I Say I Love You, It'S Forever. Even If I Hate You, Part Of Me Is Always Yours Love me tomorrow for it is a new day Love me again like you did the first day Love me always for my heart beats for yours Kiss me sweetly and gently upon tomorrow morning Hold … [more]
  • I Am The Way I Am Because Of Bullies

    R.I.P Cole The year was 2008, and I was a sophomore in high school. For the last 4 years I had been relentlessly teased, bullied and picked on because people suspected I was gay. I only really had one friend who… [more]
  • I Love "Mean Girls"

    Oh. My. God. This don't even know. I watch it at LEAST once a month. This should be played at every high school freshman orientation. I know the script by heart...most quotable movie ever. Every gir… [more]