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I have many interests and they don't all revolve around me being gay, so don't accept me as a stereotype but as an individual with their own mind. I'm very open minded and
think everyone should live their life as they see fit. Also on FB as well

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I Was A Wolf Cub

I was a Baden-Powell wolf cub and had a fantastic time. Our pack leaders where very imaginative in creating ways to keep us active and sometimes boisterous boys disciplined and respectful... [more]
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  • I Used to Get the Cane At School

    Doing The Caning Dance I went to several schools due to parents moving around and though i wasn't really naughty i did have a mischievous streak in me that seemed to attract trouble. I was at an all boy's middl… [more]
  • I Love Grey School Shorts And School Uniforms

    Growing Up I first started to wear grey shorts too school at the age of four and wore them until just before i turned 13. This was when the shorts were quite short and nylon lined and every summer … [more]
  • I Got The Cane In School 6 Of The Best

    No Big Deal if you did something really bad at school and got summonsed to the headmaster you knew you was going to get caned. Six strokes was the absolute maximum however and throughout my school ye… [more]
  • I Love Wearing Adidas Nylon Shorts

    Always Will Be The Best Adidas nylon shorts will always be the best to wear for me. Since school when they where a huge fashion item, i had several pairs, usually black or white, with different coloured stripes. I have conti… [more]