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I am me and I'm not going to change for anyone.

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I Want Someone to Love Me

Love? I find it hard to believe in love. In March a guy that I have liked for years told me that he liked me and that he loved me and wanted the chance to fall in love with me. I told him how I felt and we... [more]
  • I Want a Boyfriend

    Boys... I have only had one boyfriend in my life. I don't know why, other than the fact that I am only aroud about 5'2 and I am a bigger girl but I am a good hearted girl and I just want someone to love me fo… [more]
  • I Have Lost Someone I Loved Very Much

    Rip Jdq I lost a friend not to long ago and although we were not to close I can't stop thinking about him. I had only met him about a year ago at school through other friends and he was so fuuny and sweet. He… [more]
  • I Want Others to Accept Me For Who I Am

    Friends With The New Girl... People have always been mean to me. Like I am to short and I am to fat. But I can not help that I am me. I wish people would love me for me, like this girl that was new to my school. We where friends … [more]