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I Am Gay and Want to Have a Boyfriend

Looking For The Right Guy im looking to find a gay or bi boyfriend in the warren or watchung nj area [more]
  • I Wear Tighty Whities

    Tighty Whities Forever! I still wear them in high school, even if I'm around people that I think will care, because I don't care what think. I just wear what I want to wear, when I want to wear them. I sometimes wear boxers … [more]
  • I Want A Gay Boyfriend

    Holding Out I've been wanting a gay boyfriend for a really long time now and I can't find anyone I like who is gay. I'm not out to more than two people, and my parents are still in the dark. If there's anyone in … [more]
  • I Want Every Kind Of Undies

    I Collect Underwear if im out shopping on my own, which is once every month or two, ill try to buy as many different types of underwear as possible. I started collecting about 20 months ago when i was 13 and now i have 4… [more]