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I Loved Someone That Didn't Love Me

Am Still Brokenhearted I loved & still love someone that does not love me let alone have any feelings for me. He played me like a puppet. It has been almost a year now, & i am still depressed. I have a child with this... [more]
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    Premiscuious(sorry about the spelling?)
    I am not very much liked by my parents. I dont see how this is a confession, but it is a fact. Which i think no one else knows, but i do and i dont know who to talk about it to. So yeh, i thought it could be classed as a confession? I am not a bad daughter. I am one out of 6children. & I am the only one that has the most respect for my parents unlike my siblings which are spoilt and ungreatful for everything that have. I did not have a veri joyous up bringing. I dont see why i am treated the way that i am. Also my kids are treated the same way from their grandparents. I feel sorry for them. I am a single mother. But i am an awesome mother. I love my kids with all my heart and soul. My kids a… [more]