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A double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways. James

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Books The French Lieutenant's Woman, John Fowles:AASeparate Peace. John Knowls, The Bible, The essentialRumi, The essential Kabbalah,The Velveteen Rabbit,Curios George,, Good Faeries, Bad Faeries,c
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Movies Apocalypse Now, my life as a dog,1984, The Diving Bell and thebutterfly, Casablanca, Grave of the fireflies, Runaweay Train,etc
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I Turned Back To Jesus

I was committed to loving, following, and obeying Jesus and then slowly drifited back to my own agenda. I thought writing erotica would be okay, using 4 letter words, telling dirty jokes, being... [more]
Siberia1000 has shared 3 Mature Experiences
  • I Am Married To An Autistic Man

    I Love My Husband. My husband is autistic. He is highly functional and is a savant who is brilliant in physics and all kinds of engineering. Sometimes the autism is difficult to live with. He has trouble with job interv… [more]
  • I Am An Alcoholic

    My Journey To Sobriety I turned to alcohol after a sudden, unwanted divorce. I used it to kill the pain, and then to loosen up and have fun. Later I used it for other reasons. Seems I could always find a reason to drink. Th… [more]
  • I Love To Spoon

    Let Me Spoon With You All Night. sex with my husband is wonderful but I must admit it is the cuddling I love the most. Guess I'm a typical woman. I love it when the lovemaking is over and I am having afterglow and he puts his arms ar… [more]
  • I Know Feminism Is The Biggest And Most Harmful Hate Group

    Leaving Feminism And Learning To Love Myself. Feminism isn't just hateful toward men, it is hateful towards women. I grew up listening to Gloria Stynem and was raised by a single mom. I had no male role models in life. I didn't know how a man was… [more]
  • Sad and Lonely

    Posted on: December 13th, 2012 at 1:10AM

    Today was a day of extremes of emotions. I felt great joy earlier when I was praising God. I had a great AA meeting and really connected with people. I feel I'm being used by God to help people. That makes me feel elated. But things are not so great with my husband lately. He is always irritable and he hardly responds to anything I say. He is repairing our fire damaged house and I understand how stressful that is. I encourage him and pray for him but he is angry all the time and he says hurtful things. I told him he is acting this way and he said he was sorry. Then it started again. When he doesn't give me the time of day I feel lonely. I start to worry about what I may be doing to **** him … [more]


  • HOw I spend my time...

    Posted on: December 15th, 2012 at 2:32AM

     I did a time pie today. I drew a circle and drew slices indicating how much time I spend doing various things I generally do. It was surprising. Although I am an artist and poet, I had no slice for these things. I haven't been doing them and I don't know why. I'm not worried about it. I trust it will come at the right time. I may need to take some classes, have some deadlines to inspire me. Maybe I'm not a very disciplined person on my own. I need the teacher, the coach, the boss, etc. Nothing wrong with that. I think I spend too much time sleeping. I don't go to the pool. I filled the whole pie but there isn't any time for the pool. If I cut my sleeping by  4 hours and cut surfing the web … [more]