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I am who i am! I'm not what everyone would expect me to be or do! I can speak for myself! I can be a lil bitchy sometimes but oh well...;p

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I Want to Be Forgiven

My Tattoo Growig up was hard for me! If you my friend or read my stories you would understand me a little more! I'm not bad but I'm not good! I've done many things to others that I regret but don't... [more]
Silence01 has shared 19 Mature Experiences
  • I Was Abused By My Stepfather

    Never Forgive Or Forget! I will never forgive this man my mother married! Sure things were great when him and his two kids didn't live with us! I t was only me and my mom 0-6yrs old. We slept together every night and it was j… [more]
  • I Kissed a Girl

    Wow! My first time I kissed a girl was my freshmen year! It was unexpected and forced by some guys! Me and my best friend are bi! The guys surrounded us and started yelling..."Kiss, Kiss, Kiss." So we look… [more]
  • I Have Only Made Love to One Person

    True Love The First Time! Me and my boyfriend both lost it to each other after the first month. We both waited till we were 18! It was so cute and romantic! We are still together and very strong! We have been together for 1yr … [more]
  • I Am Not Sure I Can Be Just Friends

    Why Me? So I just joke around alot and flirt but with no feelings to it! Well apparently I have some strong feelings for a guy.We are very close and like a best friend thingy relationship, I guess? Anyways I … [more]