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  • 100% African American
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I Love Nerds

Nerdy Girls There's Something attractive about a smart girl in glasses who geeks out over stuff. Especially if she's smarter than me. Show me a nerd girl and i wont leave her alone. [more]
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  • I Want to Know What Super Power You Would Choose

    Reality Bending I would bend reality so that it life would be a bit more... animated… [more]
  • I Don't Like Talking On the Phone

    For The Love Of God Just Text Me!!!!! First off i hate not talking face to face. Secondly i hate when people call with nothing 2 say and just sit there. If you call have something to say or just dont call. Third im always doin something a… [more]
  • I Want to Know What Completely Stupid Thing You Once Believed

    Saving People Wen i was a kid i said "im going to help everyone!" Eventualy my parents had to tell me that i couldn't do stuff like brake up fights or be nice to everyone. I didnt learn this until my dad was … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I LIKES A NERDY GIRL (or at least wierd ones...)
    Hello ladys and gentlemen. If you watch tv in a image focused society you know that your told that you should only like girls and boy who look highly unrealistic. Girls are suposed to have d cups, the hips of a little boy, lips like ballons, and never eat more than a nible. Guys have to wear what every other guy is wearing, talk like every other guy, and look like the greeks carved them in the image of gods. Well i don't like any of that, i have ceartan taste but not those. I like the quiet girl or the girl who dresses in her fashion. The guys who wont winde up working for me. I want a girl and guy friends who can think pazt being like everyone else. The quiet girl, the thick girl, the short… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Going 8 rounds with death
    I was a kid, just ten or twelve, and they were willing to let me die. Actualy i don't believe they were willing, i believe they just didn't care. I lyed there in my grandmas yard dying out in the open and evry one saw me. I couldn't speak or move & my consious kept fading in and out. People, neighbors, and even a laughing couple saw me and kept moving. I saw them stare and keep going and just when i was ready to die my body moved. I knew it was sink or swim so i fought as hard as possible. I dragged my body through the, up two sets of steps, and up to the second floor of the apartment building and made them see me.… [more]
  • Revenge Confessions

    If someone killed your parents wouldn't you like to kill them? Van you believe i passed on the chance? One day i was being mugged by skinny little man. He was new to this, i could tell. I could've taken his weapon and killed him but insted i convinced him why mugging me would be mistake and walked away. Later that day the man who killed my father and i walked straight past each other. We didn't notice eachother @ first but then we both stopped turned and looked at each other. His face had no emotion.... no regreat... If i'd taken the gun from my mugger earlier i would've shot him down. Though a could've stabbed him to death i just kept walking knowing he was watching me. Should i have kille… [more]