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I Think Everything Is a Conspiracy Against Me

I Feel Everything Is Against Me No matter what I do, it seems that everything is going against me. This is the second year and about the same time, that my water pipes have frozen up. Last year, it started with one pipe breaking... [more]
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  • I Love High Heels

    Locking Heels Whenever I am dressed up feminine persona, I always wear heels. My favorite ones are my 5 inch heels, with a small pad lock on the strap. I put them on, locking them, then where I have placed the ke… [more]
  • I Know Someone With Breast Cancer

    My Mum I lost my mother in 1984, due to breast cancer. When she told us, she had it in 1974, it was hard to take and we thought we would loose her soon. Now I have found out, that one of my other relatives … [more]
  • I Keep Too Many Things to Myself

    Looking Back During my life time, I have been keeping a lot, to myself. I believe it was the cause of my minor heart attack in Apr of 92. Even today, it is hard for me, to talk about a lot of things. Even talki… [more]