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I'm a Eurasian wolf, I'm a white Female with dark blue-ish eyes and a grey streak down my muzzle. I'm pretty friendly and easy to get along with. I can have a bit of a temper though...

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I Have a Confession

As many of you know I am a therian, well specifically a wolf therian. I live a fairly normal life. I'm not poor but either am I wealthy. As of late my depression has been taking control of my life... [more]
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  • I Am a Wolf Traped In a Human Body

    Cry I always find myself crying or whining like a dog when think about how I'm suck this way. I wish I could have someone who is close to me understand. I need to Howl and chase and smell but I can't. Tha… [more]
  • I Feel Like I'm Part Wolf

    Wolfish Features I awake at night and feel as though I have paws, I have a faux fur tail that i wear constantly. It feels as though it is part of me. But as soon as I move The illusion is broken. … [more]
  • I Am A Real Werewolf

    Stop! Stop this nonsense. People can not, I repeat can NOT change into a werewolf, therian ectra from a bite, spell or by any other means. You are BORN with the animal side of you. So wolves stop telling li… [more]
  • I Am The Only Wolf In My Family

    Alone Being the only wolf in my social life I have no one to talk to about my needs and wants. If I told people they would think I'm crazy. I can't act like myself around anyone. I need my meat rare, I like… [more]