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Friendly,shy at times,loving,caring,sweet nature,cute^^,

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I Need Someone to Talk to

I Don't Know Anymore.. I don't know anymore..*tearing up*..Everything is just wrong in my life,and these past few months have been full of heartbreak,lies and tears.I just broke up with my boyfriend of like a year,but its... [more]
  • I Am Shy

    Why Do I Have To Be So Damn Shy?:( Okay!so..Im usually the girl that talks alot and speaks my mind..but when I get around guys I like wow...Its like im a different person!entirely!And its kinda ruining my life..Like I went on a date la… [more]
  • I Don't Think You Realise How Much I Hurt

    The Worst Kind Of Pain.. I don't think you realise how much I hurt...I have been going through alot the past couple of months..False relationships,lies,deceiving and empty promises.Somewhere in between I have just realised to… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    I seriously can't take anymore
    So im typing this,right after I just had the most biggest arguement with my mom ever.We just don't get along AT ALL!And its heart breaking for me,because I just want a "normal"mom.We argue about everything and afterwards we don't talk for like a few hours sometimes days..depends how bad it was and about what.Most times its about the most simplist things and I seriously don't know how much more I can take.It makes me feel depressed and really upset everything we fight..I hate crying and I cry like almost everyday.My life has many faults and I have many problems..but seriously why this too..I honestly feel like running away sometimes..its just so heart wrenching.Im 15 by the way.Couldn't me an… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Who cares about age?
    So..I have to admit,I fell inlove with a guy thats 7 years older than me.Obviously,it won't work at the moment..but we seriously are into eachother but people judge..its so complicated.He is 7 years older than me,my brothers best buddy and imagine me going out with him?gawd!It wouldn't work feelings will never fade for him.Sounds weird,I know..I mean age difference doesn't matter to me or him really..its what people think,and just in general it probably won't work..but im inlove with him..time to move on,much?… [more]