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EMOOO!!!jk , i love life sometimes , i love black veil brides , rock music and emo guys and more talking

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I Hate My Best Friend

I Hate My Best Friend . I'm a 12 year old girl and i have a bff , but she is abnormal . She doesn't care about my problems , she only talks about her and her and only her ! Ok so , we are both in seventh grade . At the... [more]
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    Dark----Secret----I CUT MYSELF :(
    Yes , I know. Damn me...I need help. I cut myself and almost got an infection exactly on my birthday,which was yesterday.It's all because of my dad.He is so strict. He is a muslim and he doesn't let me do stuff:wear short skirts,talk to or look at boys,no facebook,no rock music,nothing!!WTF? I need help cause I love boys , i dont wanna become a lesbian because of him! I need to talk to boys and wear short skirts and have faceboo,etc. I cut myself and it makes me feel better..Don't judge..just understand!… [more]
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    Hate her
    My best friend doesn't realize that what she has is enough ! She keeps wanting more and that's another of the many reasons I hate her ! I'm grateful ! I don't have her looks , which are better - she knows fashion , socializing , she has a lot of friends and she;s been into relationships and she is not happy for what she's got .... How come ? Why is she such a snobby little brat ???? Why can't she be normal !!!????… [more]