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I Used to Be Beaten When I Was Young

My Parents Beat Me My parents have always beat me since when i turned five if i did something wrong i was beaten not with a belt they would beat me with whatever they could over small things they tell me they hate me... [more]
  • I Am In Deep Thought Almost Constantly

    Cant Stop Thinking!!!! Every day since about when i was ten i have been in deep thought and cant stop thinking which drives me crazy. It messes with my mind thoughts are bad though most people think im stupid or conside me … [more]
  • I Have A Speech Disorder

    School Torture During school its mostly torture because i cant speak properly and any time i get called on in class if i say something i get hounded with insults i only talk to a few people because they dont make fu… [more]
  • I Cant Say Tht I Hav Evr Believed I Am Wise and Im An Athiest

    I Am An Athiest and Proud!!!! I'm an athiest i hate how people judge me because of that just every person at my school thinks there is something wrong with me because of that they need to get over it. I am proud to be an athiest … [more]
  • I Have Anger Problems

    Day After Day I have anger problems mostly because i cant always keep away from people. They come to me and try to annoy me it seems and at first i can hold it in but after a while i cant and i get mad and after th… [more]