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I created a new EP account! This account is a little old and I feel like I've changed so much as a writer. My new account: amberwritesthings


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I Am Lost In Life

13 Hour Drags I've been to Manhattan, Vegas, Arizona, and Dallas too In and out of casinos and deserts With nothing to do Just a notepad and pen And a mind full of dreams [more]
  • I Don't Follow Fashion Trends

    I Honestly Don't Care I have a best friend who is always getting on my case about fashion. Everything in my drawers, she takes out and decides whether or not it's fashionable. But in my opinion, I couldn't care less. Why i… [more]
  • I Think Beautiful Thoughts

    Midnight Moon I lay on snow white sand Watching the stars shine As my love holds me, he whispers in my ear "You are mine..." The moon is full and bright So are my loves eyes… [more]
  • I Am In Love With My Teacher

    Zac Efron Okay so there's this teacher at my school who I usually have as a substitute whenever my teacher is absent and every time I have him, I scream for joy. He looks almost exactly like Zac Efron. People c… [more]
  • I Know The World Is A Cold Dark Place

    The Hidden Truth With nothing but pain in this world, I know the world is a cold dark place. Every second of everyday, someone somewhere is dying. They might be dying because of a heart attack, illness, age... o… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I Self Harm A Lot
    I've been cutting myself for a couple of years now. I cut myself on and off. Mostly when I'm depressed. But now, I do it often. I want to cut myself every second of the day even though it hurts so much. Every time I move my arm, the cuts sting and my eyes water. But I don't care. It takes my mind off of the stress I have in life. I'm so confused with life and I've lost so many people this year. It's all apart of "growing up" I suppose, but it's hard growing up when your mother is focusing on getting a divorce and your father is focusing on work. It's hard growing up when your friends don't care about you at all. My friends know I cut myself but they don't care. They wince and look away. No o… [more]