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I Don't Know

Lately, I've been questioning myself; mostly my sexuality. I think I may be attracted to both males and females. And, ironically, I hate girls; due to their cruelty and evil. (Yes, I am... [more]
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  • I Had Sexual Experiences As A Kid

    I know this is pretty bad, but I've read some of the content here and I'm not the worst case here. When I was about 6, 7, or possibly 8 years young, I had met and befriended a young girl … [more]
  • I Admit I Dream Of Sex

    I had a sex dream last night. First, I had slept with a another woman (who I don't know) and then I slept with a man (again, I don't know these people). I just remember when I was makin… [more]
  • I Admit I Dream Of Sex

    Last night I had a dream where I had sexual intercourse with several people! It was scary but admittedly enjoyable...why???… [more]
  • I Admit I Dream Of Sex

    I have, yet, another sex-dream (ugh) last night. In my dream, I imagined myself being slightly older than I am now (18, maybe?) and I was home alone when suddenly this man appears in my h… [more]