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I Need Someone to Talk to Right Now

Sitting here alone in bedroom with a lot on my mind needing someone to talk to [more]
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  • I Dont Know What to Do

    My Strength May I start by stating that this story is about that one special person in my life. He is wise beyond his years....for such the short time he has been in my life he has amazed me every step of … [more]
  • I Curious About Lesbians And Gay Men

    Can Someone Explain I am curious about same sex relationships....why is it that people choose to be with someone of the same sex to get away from the opposite and then turn around and one of them acts like what they are … [more]
  • I Am Lost

    I Dont Know Anymore As I lay here within this dark mind wanders through a maze of lost hopes and dreams..Everything lost....Coldness consumes my heart my soul....Empty...Desperate to find something to rekindle t… [more]
  • I Am Working On Myself

    Self Reflection I am dealing with a very big loss...well to me it is big.. during this time I am trying to reflect upon myself and change the things I need to change to better myself... I have been realiz… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I Am over the Bullshit!!!
    I am over certain fake *** f*cken people... Do not blow smoke up my *** and act like a so called friend or family and turn your f*cken back on me... I am so sick you people pulling that bullshit with me....expect me to be there for you but when i need support...where the **** are you? Thats right you dont have time...your busy...WHAT THE **** EVER!!! KISS MY ***!! Sometimes i need someone to LISTEN to me...notice....i said LISTEN....NOT open your f*cken mouth and tell me everything will be fine or its not that bad...MAYBE IT ISNT BAD TO YOU BUT IT IS TO ME!!! You expect me to be your friend....WELL **** YOU!!! DO NOT tell me you love me knowing damn good and well you are lying through your f… [more]