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strength does not come from big muscles on the inside but from the beating muscle on the inside

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I Just Woke Up Feeling A Lil Suicidal

As i opened my eyes i fought the idea of waking up and having to go through another day. Eventually my alarm made me get up, so as i walked through the day, i looked around and realised how grateful... [more]
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  • I Am Single

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  • I Have Lost A Friend To Drugs And A Girl

    i have lost a friend to drugs, he hasn't died yet but his current lifestyle will soon catch up to him, he has lost so much weight and no longer picks up my calls. it all started with a gi… [more]
  • I Lost That Moment In My Life

    People Say You Shouldnt Regret But There Is No Stopping It Its always funny how ten years becomes a blink Moments in a single breath Always pushed forward Always looking back to see What could of been...... What should have b… [more]