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I Love Shopping At Thrift Stores

Needs Your Help..... please help a fellow EP member SassyOne1 Her 9 year old boy was hit by a car and she need some help. [more]
  • I Like to Help People

    Still Kind Of Shaken Up I opened my car door to let this young lady have a seat. That is a whole other story, but as I was getting into the driver's seat I look over the top of the car and there's this man standing there. … [more]
  • I Have Psychic Experiences

    Dreams I love dreams and think they have meaning which maybe explains why I remember most of them. Having only moved to this town about 6 months ago, it is not that familiar to me. One night a dream came to … [more]
  • I Love Shopping At Thrift Stores

    Unsigned Impressionist Painting I'm not sure if the sig is hiding behind the wooden frame or simply isn't there. It looks to be from 1950 or earlier but I always say 1950s or earlier so that means little. Someone mentioned that e… [more]
  • I Really Need a Friend

    You Are So Stupid!! So you tell yourself. Fact is you are just like everyone else and not stupid at all. Some folks just feel alone for some reason even when surrounded by people. People even tell you how funny, cleve… [more]