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..I love Jesus..[period] hahaha. I am me, as what God created me to be

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People say im weird
Crazy, out of this world
Jerky, stupid, blabbery,

A lot of people say that, but ever heard of positive ones?
What if Im
Popular, pretty, smart, elegant
Sociable, talented and Perfect?

Will you even bother being friends with me?
or not?

For me what you see is what you get
i tried fitting in. I'm not born to stand out
nor be shy. I'm just one of the crowd.
But the only thing different about me
I am special in the eyes of God

I Love and believe in Jesus! as how he LOVE and BELIEVED in me 10x
He did not give us Everything jus to enjoy LIFE.
But gave us LIFE to enjoy EVERYTHING!.
get it?.
SMILE, BE SWEEt, BE NICE, NOT for everybody to like you. But just for HIM!
For he is the REASON

My ultimate inspiration is to create things out from my two tiny
little hands He has given me. Given by the gift of arts and expressing my feelings through music, though not a born singer [literally].
Draw, write stories, composed songs, photography, dance
is what I do in this 17 years of my existence.

Love me? Hate Me? It's all up to you
I'm no angel, i have flaws
I'm not perfect..
I'm just being me :)

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