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I Was Convinced To Be A Girl

Sorry I haven't spoken for a while but im am now a girl [more]
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  • I 'm A Boy Who Likes Wearing Dresses

    Bieng A Girl ever since i was 10 i had a dream of bieng a girl so i decided to go into my mums bedroom and toke out a pair of knickers, a pair of tights, a bra and a red dress. then i went into my room and put the… [more]
  • I Am Still Wanting To Be A Girl

    Its been a while since I have written anything but I just want to say that I am still wanting to be a girl and lately I have been having fantasies about boys being forced to be a girl by aunts, neighb… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    i am looking for peopl who crossdress in london please comment… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    anyone who lives in london please kidnap me and turn me into a girl… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    i told my friend
    a couple days ago i told one of my friends that i wanted to be a girl and that i wanted to go out with boys and he is a boy i keep wanting to ask him out but i always think hes going to tell the whole school that i want to be a girl… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    want to be a girl
    at home i only have young girls panties and i wear them but i need more than that i need skirts, dresses ect. i would wish if someone would just kidnap me and turn me into a girl… [more]