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Ummm i dont really know? Im one of those people whos "indescrible and abstract". I have many different ppl eith many different opinions of me. Make your own(:

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  • a little German
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I Battle Depression

Just got off the phone with suicide prevention center. I don't know what to do anymore [more]
  • I Like To Listen To Music When Im Depressed

    Hear Me- Imagine Dragons Lyrics Try to hear my voiceYou can leave, now it's your choiceMaybe if I fall asleep, I won't breathe rightMaybe if I leave tonight, I won't come backI said it before, I w… [more]
  • I Like To Listen To Music When Im Depressed

    Demons- Imagine Dragons Lyrics When the days are cold And the cards all fold And the saints we see Are all made of gold When your dreams all fail And the ones we hail Are the worst o… [more]
  • I Like To Listen To Music When Im Depressed

    On Top Of The World- Imagine Dragons Lyrics If you love somebodyBetter tell them while they’re here ’causeThey may just run away from youYou’ll never know what went wellThen again it just depends onHow … [more]
  • I Enjoy Helping Others

    Just A Song Thats Describing Me Perfectly Roght About Now.. Prayer of the Refugee- rise against Warm yourself by the fire, son, And the morning will come soon. I’ll tell you stories of a better time, In a place that we once kne… [more]
  • How much time is there in a day?

    Posted on: March 14th, 2012 at 6:47PM

    i would just like to say tht i like this website cuz i only know one person on this site tht i know in persOn so its extremely easy to just say anything, being tht i face no consequences once i log off. This is sorta like my diary :3 anywayyyyyy, my brother tried to tlk to me about my issues, if anything was wrong, whats been goin on etc. im like im good blah blah blah and he kept pressing soci threated to key his new car and so he sprayed me with the hose (he was washing the thing) and tht ended the conversation. And so now i did some chores, listening to pandora radio and just trying to relax. Ummmm, overall, my days been alright. Still stressed like a stretched rubberband but im working o… [more]


  • Saddening stuff

    Posted on: June 28th, 2012 at 8:12PM

    Found out my friend may Have cancer. Her boyfriend's (also one of my close friends) mom was also diagnosed with cancer. Treatable but cancer yet still. Every year I volunteer with vacation bible school at my church. Always had since like 2008. I love it. The other day, we were askin the kids what to pray for. One said his cousin died in a house fire. Not only did the cousin die (cousin was 11 and the kid telling me this was in first grade) but that family lost their house as well. When he told me this, he didn't bat an eyelash. Said it so simply. First grade. Another kid's grandpa had a stroke. Another one had to put the family dog down. Now, Im aware this stuff happens everyday, maybe even … [more]


  • "moving on" rage

    Posted on: April 2nd, 2012 at 5:47PM

    Oooh **** u little mofo. Ohkay, soooooooooooo first of all its my brothers birthday today. Hes 17. Second, i dumped my guy today hence the mofo part in the first sentence. Why? Well. First my bff dated him and then dumped him for unknow reasons. I date him after recieving cOnsent from her and also having a bit of empathy, for she dated my ex in the past, who know hates my guts. Lol. Well he likes me and dated me but he still loved her. Saturday me and him go see a movie. He tries kissing me but i cover his mouth with my hand cuzz i dont want my first with my bffs ex and he understood tht. we walk to the mall. Now, before i left my bff called and ask wht i was doing later. Me being honest i t… [more]


  • I recieved some new news.

    Posted on: March 21st, 2012 at 3:42PM

    Hmmmm.. I got mind ****** today. Wellllllllllll there i was, stressful day as it was and i was just tryin to talk down my one pissed of friend then i tra-lalaed to lunch and by then i was a wee bit annoyed at every single thing i saw. Saw a trash can and i wanted to kick it over. A lunch tray and i had the urge to dump it on someone. Saw a tag hangin out of someones shirt and i felt like ripping it out. Ya know, just my calm self. Anywayyy, i sit down at my "regular" drama filled, fake friends of a table (well one fake friend anyway) and my one friend (not the one thts fake lol) wanted to go up to lunch but for some reason, i never eat breakfast or lunch. I used to but i dunno. I just dont a… [more]