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I Want To Improve Ep

I will start out by saying this website has become a piece of ****! I was trying to type up this story, and EP somehow deleted it while I was in the process of writing it. So there is one thing I'm a... [more]
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    Why Why don't you trust Muslims? They're people just like us. Sure, some Muslims attacked the twin towers, but a christian also bombed an entire building. Should we not trust  christians either?… [more]
  • I Believe Barack Obama Is Dangerous For This Country

    Scary Facts That Could Happen To Us The one person I can't stand is (correct me if I don't spell his name correctly), Akmadenajad. He is scary, and if he gets Nuclear warheads we're screwed. One thing that scares me the most is ETA. Tha… [more]
  • I Believe Barack Obama Is Dangerous For This Country

    Valerie Plame Wilson Another topic that I am putting for debate. Do you feel the Bush administration had the right to blow her cover? Your comments please.… [more]
  • I Believe Barack Obama Is Dangerous For This Country

    For The Birthers Out There I am going to dedicate this to all of the birthers out there. Recently President Barack Obama released his original certificate of birth to the public in order to put a stop to the claims by many Amer… [more]