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it's weird being on here again O.o
About I haven't been on here in a few years but now I'm coming on here like everyday again, I kinda missed being on here. I am in my freshman year of college now and it's not so bad. I used to play basketball for a few years in high school but haven't kept it up. I like photography and bird watching. I also enjoy playing video games and watching youtube videos. I'm really reserved and quiet in real life but online I'm a bit more open and talkative. I love talking to and helping people and making good friends, and it's just a lot easier to do that online, so feel free to message me anytime! I tend to be get attached to people pretty quick which can really suck when that person leaves but I never learn. Over the past few years I've struggled with/continue to struggle with eating disorders, depression, self-harm, social anxiety and hair pulling. I'd like to think that the worst of all that is behind me since things have improved with time. Also I feel that it's important to say that a few years have passed since my older stories, obviously, and I don't encourage/agree with/engage in those activities anymore and my whole mindset has changed a lot. To anyone who's struggling with an eating disorder or depression or whatever else, don't look at my stories and try to model them or think that I'm a bad person or anything. I'm a very different person now and I just want to put it out there that life gets better and struggles don't last forever and don't ever give up because things will change for the better!
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Favorite Quote “Just because I don\'t talk to you doesn\'t mean I don\'t care about you.”
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Books Harry Potter, Truth About Forever, 13 Reasons Why, Perks of Being A Wallflower; and authors like Dean Koontz, Ellen Hopkins and Sarah Dessen
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