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been talking to a guy online for a week, we'll see how it goes, he seems nice enough lol

I haven't been on here in a few years but now I'm coming on here like everyday again, I kinda missed being on here. I am in my freshman year of college now and it's not so bad. I used to play basketball for a few years in high school but haven't kept it up. I like photography and bird watching. I also enjoy playing video games and watching youtube videos. I'm really reserved and quiet in real life but online I'm a bit more open and talkative. I love talking to and helping people and making good friends, and it's just a lot easier to do that online, so feel free to message me anytime! I tend to be get attached to people pretty quick which can really suck when that person leaves but I never learn. Over the past few years I've struggled with/continue to struggle with eating disorders, depression, self-harm, social anxiety and hair pulling. I'd like to think that the worst of all that is behind me since things have improved with time. Also I feel that it's important to say that a few years have passed since my older stories, obviously, and I don't encourage/agree with/engage in those activities anymore and my whole mindset has changed a lot. To anyone who's struggling with an eating disorder or depression or whatever else, don't look at my stories and try to model them or think that I'm a bad person or anything. I'm a very different person now and I just want to put it out there that life gets better and struggles don't last forever and don't ever give up because things will change for the better!

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I Have Something to Say

Since I haven't been on here much in almost 2 years, but I want to start being on here consistently again, I figure I should give an update of how the last 2 years have gone so any future stories I... [more]
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    That's annoying
    My mom just walked in my room and noticed I was eating some Cheerios. She immediately groans and says I'm eating too much. What the heck?! They are Cheerios! I had the same amount of dinner as she did. I bet she had some dessert or snack afterwards. Well, the Cheerios are my snack. And she says it's too much?! Then she says I've been overeating for a while now and I should go running tomorrow to burn it off. And she says I've been stress-eating and I need to stop. Oh my god! Okay, sure, I have been eating more than usual for the last 3 weeks or so, and part of it has been because of stress. But that's because I haven't been on a diet and I just wanted to eat however I wanted to eat. I wasn't… [more]
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    I don't know what to think
    Today was one of the most eventful, crazy, confusing,  and dumbest days ever!! My head is still spinning because I can't even comprehend it all right now! All I know is that things are going to start happening really fast for me in the next few weeks and I'm not ready to face everything that I've just gotten myself into. I want to curl up in a ball and sleep for the next few weeks until everything passes. I'm not ready to face the world. It's all happening too fast, and it's only going to get faster. Things are really going to start heading downhill starting tomorrow. My world is definitely going to start changing really fast, really soon. I'm not really looking forward to it, but then again… [more]
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    Shake That
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