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Hi call me Sora
I love to read and write Fan fictions
I tend to get on the mature side so expect it.
I love anime ..but not crazy love i respect it.
if you wont to know more about me ..find me or email me

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  • a little French
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I Have a Confession

I don't know how to say it ,or place it I don't know whats truly wrong with me,I know I'm depressed. I know my past haunts me to a point ofnever wanting to remember the good or bad... [more]
skyrain has shared 9 Mature Experiences
  • I My Moms A Slave Driver

    Cracking The Whip --.-- I understand that we should respect elders and ect. But My mother cracks the whip everyday for me or my brother to get her a coke,get me food, and clean the house. I know its Fun to Crac… [more]
  • I Am French

    Ugh ..shortness Walking down the street is easy ..but people i don't know and some I do tend to forget how old I am many people think "oh shes so cute" and think I'm twelve or eleven -.-at first it… [more]
  • I Create Anime Stories

    Running Away I always thought of it and always want it.I knew I was to young and didnt have much to support anything but I needed the freedom,at that point in my life I hated my family I am the… [more]
  • I Have a Dog

    My Dog Is Dieing Well hes not really my dog ..Shadow was given to my brother for his B-day Now Shadow is 90 years old in human years and 15 in dog years if I'm correct. Sadly its gotten to the point w'e're… [more]