Male , 51-55

Nothing special. Constantly thinking. Sometimes go on learning jags; at other times, simply read light material to get my mind off things. I'm quiet. Enjoy my pets, and especially walking my dog. Quiet classical music is a tremendous comfort. I don't care for crowds, loud music (or loud noises of any kind) or elaborate projects for having fun.

Last Seen Oct 22, 2014
Member Since Oct 18, 2010
Favorite Quote Don't forget to be loopy.
Vices Horror movies, junk food
Politics Anarchist
Horoscope Cancer
Special day
Books Montaigne, Beckett, Muagham, Dostoveski, Baudrillard, Rabelais, Ignatow, Roethke
Music Medieval and 18th century classical
Movies Edward Scissorhands, 2001,8 1/2, Husbands and Wives, Lovestreams
Local Time May 30th, 5:51 AM

I Have a Confession

A few days ago, I tried to send a message to a correspondent in my circle. I received a notice from EP that my message might contain "innaproporiate content." It didn't go through. [more]
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    The Slightest Rebuff By A Woman Feels Life Serious Rejection I've always been extremely frightened by the prospect of being rejected by women I find interesting. In spite of this, I've had  several relationships, some of them quite good. I was married once… [more]
  • I Am Discordian

    I Do What I Do The very idea of telling a story on the topic "I Am Discordian" creates some cognitive dissonance and poses a fairly big mental challenge (for me anyway). How easy is it going to be for me to put into… [more]