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The new National course in Scotland sucks!!

I love art and romantic horror books, this is me.

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I Like Writing Short Stories

Shards Of Glass Calvin paced round and round his room, again and again. The odd floorboard creaked in protest as he slammed another foot down. The sun shone brightly into his window creating a rainbow across the... [more]
  • I Want To Write A Fictional Story

    The Cover Isn't The Inside The air stuck to me as if it was trying to suffocate me. It was such a nice day with the sun pouring through the trees and the flowers stretching towards it. School seemed far away. Not as if I had ju… [more]
  • I Love Writing Poems And Stories

    For Women In The Olden Days The forces of men It wraps around me, Constricting my chest so I can barely breathe, But you make me so angry, This time I can take revenge. I ignore you… [more]
  • I Wtk Your Song Of The Day And Why

    Freefalling- Tom Petty I heard this on the radio and loved the lyrics! i guess thats why i really like it … [more]
  • I Love Writing Poems And Stories

    Death Note Death note I don’t know who I am. Behind this haze of sun I am a shadow Darker than satan and his mind The pits of fiery hell would consume me Yet the punishmen… [more]
  • School Confessions

    Bullied for reasons I don't even know
    Its been three years, almost four since the start of high school. I am well known and i get on with people but i have been continuiously bullied for three years and even the younger ones have been at it. My friends think i should stand up to them but I'm so soft natured I really cannot! I can't talk to my parents as we have a bad relationship! But I cannot tell the school as they get way too involved. I feel like **** a lot because of this although I have a good group of friends.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Feeing used and worthless
    My boyfriend and I broke up and right now I feel like he didn't give a F** toss about me. He lied and said that he wanted to settle down and just stay with me-I knew it wouldn't be true anyway but it still hurt. I am really fragile and this has shattered me into pieces but I keep that smile there because I won't let him get me down or at least thats what people will think. I really just need some freindly chats and someone who can put a real smile back on my face.I know he used me to gain his needs but i didn't realise until after. I feel quite lost right now and I don't have a clue what to do :(… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    Decent conversations
    I love long chats with people! When you ask each other about their hobbies and what they do in their spare time. Eventually you end up having a huge conversation about one topic! I wish it would happen more often though as sometimes its just a hi and thats about it. Someone who reads this and feels the same should add me to their circle and who knows? We might become really good friends… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Trust is hard these days
    I just cannot seem to trust anything or anyone. Everyone is making me doubt things that I was certain of and anything anyone says I always wonder if they are really telling the truth. I don't know if I can trust anyone fully :/… [more]