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I am a teen lez that is looking for girls who can understand me

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I wish another hot girl would in box me. To say something fun or naughty. [more]
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  • I Am a Teenage Lesbian

    My Cousin And Me It is not like I haven't tried guys... i have kissed one guy from school.. the world didn't move and i felt nothing.. the only other boy i kissed was my cousins boyfriend. i know it sounds bad, but sh… [more]
  • I Would Love It If You Sent Me Naughty Stories In My Inbox

    Send Me Some Girls ;) Tell me ladies what you would do to me with only ten min alone in a room with me?? anything goes!! hehe ;)… [more]
  • I Am a ___. Ask me Anything.

    I Am A Teenage Lesbian Ask Away ask away and ill answer anything you have for me. i might message you instead of posting it but i will answer anything!!… [more]
  • I Wait For Someone to Talk to Me First

    I Am Shy.. And Trying To Open Up Works Sorta I am really shy. being online helps some but i still have trouble talking to people first.. i mean ill tell you anything.. but you have to talk to me first… [more]