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My Grand Baby Party What Not Invited. My daughter & I got into a big argument on April 2012 just because I ask her to start helping me to pay bills. She took thing out of portion where I was trying to calm her down. She end up punching... [more]
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    An Ex-boyfriend Came Back After 31 Yr. At 15 yr old lost my virgirty with this guy I met in a small hometown while staying with my cousin. He had a girlfriend in which I went thru hell with her. For a year going back n forth with this guy.… [more]
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    Not In Love With My Husband Hello I been with my husband since I was 17yr. We got married after 13 yr later. Overall been together for 29 yr. We have to beautiful kid at 22 and 20. The problem is I'm not in love wit… [more]
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    I Love My Daughter I want to thank everyone for the advice. I realize that I just gonna leave it alone and let her live her life. I decide what more important to me is my grand daughter the most adorable little girl I l… [more]
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    My Daughter Don't Want Nothing To Do With Me, After all this it didn't go well. My daughter lost it, way out of control, where she threat to destroy all my belongs. In which she broke thing in my house. We were screaming at each other back and fo… [more]